News: How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs


Admit it, having thousands of valid email Ids give you the power to do anything! Such as adding thousands of friends to your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc profiles or promoting your article or blog in just a single click and much more! But how do we do it? I searched all over the internet in a hope to get a perfect email producing software but ended with just two -

  1. Email Generator
  2. Acute Email IDs Production Engine 9.0

In this article I am going to discuss How to generate valid Email IDs using Trial version of Email Generator software. The trial version of this software doesn't allow you to save or copy those thousands of generated valid Email IDs. But I have come up with a solution.


  1. Email Generator:


This software generates thousands of Email IDs related to the phrase you provide it.


  1.  This software validates Email IDs directly from the SMPT servers.
  2. All generated Email IDs are valid and you don't need to check whether its working email or not.


The trial version of this software doesn't generates Email IDs related to Gmail ( but I will show you how you can easily convert those generated Email IDs to Gmail IDs ).

B.  Snagit 10:


This software allows you to capture screen shots of desktop and also offers many more features.


  1. Email Generator:

You can download the trial version of this software from its officail site:

Download Email Generator

You can also Google "email generator" [without quotes] for many other sources of download.

B.  Snagit 10:

You can download its trial version from its official site:

Download Snagit 10

or, If you are among the one who don't want to keep trials in their software collection, then go to Forward Computing blog.


I am not going to discuss the procedure for installing these softwares, but in case you are facing problems while installing, then go Forward Computing blog.

  • Run Email Generator software.

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs

  • Type any phrase like Peterson or Thomas in the box beside the text "Search Expression ( Like ab* )". 
  • Give wildcard ( * ) or question mark ( ? ), just after the phrase.
  • Select the Mail Server ( I recommend you to select Yahoo because large number of people use yahoo service ).

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs

  • Type your desired number in the box beside the text "Length of Email Account". Suppose the phrase you typed consists of 5 letters, then you should enter the Length of Email account more than 6.
  • Click on "Start".
  • After you have reached your desired number of Email IDs, click on "Stop".

The output could be like this-

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs


Using most common names used in different parts of the world to generate Email IDs will surely give success.

List of most common names used in different countries can be found by searching the following term on Google-

"most common names in <country>"

use it without the quotes and replace <country> by any other preferred country you want like USA, UK, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, etc.

After you get the most common names, use it to generate most common Email IDs.


Now we introduce Snagit 10 software here, it has a very useful feature- "capturing text from the desktop".

Now we will use this software to get the generated Email IDs from Email Generator, which doesn't allow us to save or copy generated Email IDs.

This is a very unique concept because here we use one trial software against another trial software to get a desired product.

  • launch Snagit 10.
  • Select "Text Capture" from the drop down menu on the bottom-right of the software and after that click on that big "red button".

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs

  • Now hover your mouse to the area where Email IDs have been generated and select "Capture Vertical Scrolling Area"

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs

  • You will see that the scroll bar will move vertically downward automatically, capturing the text.
  • After the text capturing is done, Snagit Editor will pop up with the capture Email IDs.

Just now you have got access to all thousands Emails IDs generated using a trial software which didn't allowed you to save it or copy it!

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs


  • You don't need to keep generating thousands of Email Ids using different Mail servers every time. Just copy the generated Emails From Snagit Editor and paste it in "Notepad"
  • Now use "Replace" option from "Edit" menu
  • Type The name of the Mail Server which you used to generate Emails ( as we used here yahoo )

How-To-Generate Thousands Of Valid Email IDs

  • Type "gmail" or anyother Mail service provider such as hotmail, reddif, sify, aol, etc.
  • click "Replace All"

Now you have Email IDs of Gmail or any other mail service provider by replacing the existing one.

Happy Email IDs Generating!

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Hi ihave snagit 12 registered and i want to convert photo into notepad but don't know how to do it can you help me

how did you make it appear on notepad please, it came up with pop up, but not on notepad, how can i make the emails appear in notepad? it would really help if i can hear from you, thank you, and nice site and cool tutorial, waiting your help

Once we have the list of emails, how do we access those email address inboxes? Does this only tell us that it is available, and we have to manually activate it with a password on the email host website?

The provided links are not working to download the software. Please update the link.

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